Who are we?

Buckshot Software is a game development company founded by Jakub Cislo.

We are currently working on our debuting product - Project Warlock.

The Legacy...

August 2016 was the month when Buckshot Software was born. Internal experiments on a 2.5D shooter with items and enemies as billboarding* sprites were the foundation of our very first game - Exitium3D. No, Cataclysm3D. Actually... we meant Project Warlock**.

*Billboarding is a technique that adjusts an object's orientation so that it "faces" some target, usually the camera.
**Initially, Project Warlock came through a lot of name changes, due to other game titles and confusion.
Exitium3D Pre-Alpha
Cataclysm3D Pre-Alpha

The Future...

Officially, Buckshot Software was founded and registered in December 2016. Since then, we were working very hard to bring you our debuting product.

We aim to release Project Warlock this year on GoG as a timed exclusive and Steam later on.

Project Warlock Beta
Months of hard work, balancing and bug-fixing, together with huge amount of developed content.